Bourgogne Aventure

Travelers Tips

The essentials for your road trip in Morgan’s auto

During spring and summer, we advise you to bring your favourite sunglasses, sunscreen and a well-fitting cap or hat you can tie. In cooler seasons, bring warm clothing so that you can still enjoy an open roof and the rays of the sunshine. When you book your getaway, you’ll receive a practical guide with all our advice for your stay in Burgundy.

We provide a kit including two bottles of water, a cleaning product for glasses and a plaid for the passenger. We advise to leave long headscarves and scarves at home for safety reasons.

During your journey, you will travel in a line of 5 cars maximum accompanied by your guide in his Morgan car. Your guide will explain simple safety rules and common sense upon your arrival. Other than the horsepower under the bonnet, no animals are permitted during the stay or journeys.

Les indispensables du road trip en Morgan