Bourgogne Aventure

Escape just 150 km from Paris

Looking for unusual weekend in Burgundy? Get on board one of our Morgan cars and enjoy a stay in Burgundy, between comfort, gastronomy and culture whether you are as a couple, with friends or with family.


Take the opportunity to rent a Morgan for your stay in Burgundy, our team and our guide with his own Morgan car will take you to visit the region.

Tours & Hotels

Stay in the most beautiful hotels in the region and combine prestige, gastronomy and conviviality for your road trip in Burgundy with your Morgan.

Our Morgans

Drive a Morgan, two-seater British roadster, and enjoy the freedom of the region's beautiful country roads behind the wheel of your Morgan.

Travel Guide

Visit Burgundy exclusively, our guides will bring you in their own Morgan car and give you their best advice to travel off the beaten paths.